Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Kids clothes week!

This week it's Kids Clothes Week; time to sew clothes for children for an hour a day.

I bought some fab boys' patterns a few weeks back from Blank Slate Patterns and I am making the Cool Coastal Cargos for Max.

The fly zip had me fluxomed for a bit but now it should be plain sailing from here on in!

Front: with cool pirate pockets

Back with ace welt pockets!

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Cheekyhandmades' favorites

Circles mug rug stitching closeupScrappy stemsbirds on wire 2Paper Pieced Mini QuiltMonsterz Quilt TopLittle Leaves
modern drunkard's path - the all print versionmarcelle medallion"Geese in the Forest" QuiltScrap QuiltWonky House Quilt topScrappy sprouts
Casette 2Little Zakka Pouch

Just some of the gorgeous sewing I have come across on FLickr... very inspiring!

Friday, 19 April 2013

New sewing machines, quilting course in Walthamstow

Buy JL Mini Sewing Machine, Orange Online at  Buy John Lewis Mini Colour Block Sewing Machine, Pink Online at

I am running a ten week quilting course from Monday, locally. I am really looking forwards to it. It is a bigger class than I have ever taught before (11 people) but as it will be a workshop type class I envisage it will fun and chatty and the more the merrier!

I had all my vintage machines PAT tested for electrical safety this morning, and two failed. This left me with just 6 machines for the class. I knew some people were bringing their own but I felt I needed to have 8 machines or so to use so I bought the two cuties above...

I tend to recommend the John Lewis own brand sewing machines very highly, they are made by Janome, a very good make, they are solid, reliable and cheap. And these mini ones come in polkadots, solids and two tone colour ways, and are only £49, what's not to like? They are small so good for classes and they handle pretty well.

Whilst looking for a review of these machines (I have not used one for years) I found this lovely website which was a  nice bonus!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Free online sewing tutorials

Look at this amazing resource I have just stumbled across! For ages I have been meaning to put up some basic free sewing tutorials, but there never seems to be time.... so when I found this gorgeous site with a whole host of free tutorials, well, what can I say... I just had to share!

FairyFace designs

Not only has she done this, she also has an awesome blog with stunning stitched things on it. Very inspirational!

Some quilting, a tiny bit of spring...

It is the Easter holidays so I am not really able to sew a great deal but I am slowly plodding along with some of the 8 quilts I am working on at the same time (!).

The beautiful indigo quilts is waiting for backing material so is on hold now, I will post some more pictures once it is done.

I am finishing a quilt for my lovely friend Salima, for her birthday on Monday. It is the Orbit Quilt Along quilt which I have blogged about before. I have decided she needs it in her life, as it is all flowery and soft and beautiful, just like she is!

I made another pincushion. I had all these gorgeous scraps sitting around...

I know the weather has been atrocious (we had a snowy blizzard here yesterday!!) but the spring flowers are trying their best. I had to bring these guys in to be able to look at them though, my garden is off the menu when it is this cold out!

I got a big delivery of seeds a few days ago, and even though it is April I cannot begin to think about growing things just yet. For that we need sunshine!

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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Great British Sewing Bee...

How very exciting to see a whole series dedicated to sewing on British tv! I loved it. I did consider entering but a considered too professional and watching it tonight I think I would have done just fine.. It made me realise just how much I know!

So if anyone in London wants to learn to sew just like the contestants in the great British sewing bee, and you want to learn in small friendly classes or even one to one, cheekyhandmades can help.

The full class schedule is on or visit my website for more details. Alternatively contact me on

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