Sunday, 9 January 2011

crafting classes



I run several different sewing classes. I specialise in small and individual classes to really give you lots of attention. I can very much tailor each class to your level.

I own some gorgeous vintage sewing machines, from 1890’s treadle Singers to a cute 70’s flowery number and feel these machines are ideally suited to beginners. They are simple to thread up, simple to look after, sturdy, and often make the most beautiful straight stitch you have ever seen. I have hand cranked and electric machines and you are welcome to use any or all of them during your lessons. Of course if you already have a machine for Christmas or have inherited one from a parent or grandparent I am more than happy to teach you on that machine so you get confidence using that.

I can teach at my home in Walthamstow, E17, in a nice informal setting, with tea and biscuits supplied and a huge stash of fabric for you to buy for use in your class or outside, or for a little extra I am happy to travel to your home (within reason!. I am looking into a venue for bigger classes and longer courses.

You are very welcome to bring your kids to classes, I have plenty of toys and DVDs to keep them occupied and although there won’t be childcare on hand, just by you being in the same space you will probably find they are happy to let you craft. Of course slightly older kids are welcome to join in.

Class descriptions, prices and a schedule are on my new website

Contact me to book a class. I am very flexible and am happy to dedicate any of these slots to a class of your choosing if you pay for a one on one class or bring some friends along. This is just a guideline. Am happy to combine classes or teach a custom made one.

10% discount if two or more classes are booked at the same time


I am a little bit clever when it comes to fixing sewing machines. Obviously if it has been dropped on it’s head and it rattles when you shake it I may not be able to help but for basic tension problems or an inability to form stitches without creating nests under the needle or a machine having seized up or anything other you are scratching your head over, please drop over with your machine and I will have a look. I have a pretty good track record (not been defeated yet!) and it is a lot cheaper than taking it in to a repair shop. And you can eat cake and drink tea whilst I fix it or just leave it and pick it up when it is feeling better. £15 an hour, if I cannot fix it I will know within half an hour. Also good for when you have bought a machine on ebay or you have inherited a machine without a handbook, we can work it out together and you can get to know your machine at the same time. Call or email me to book it in.

I am always happy to provide advice on decent machines to buy new or second hand and I will be glad to help you source a cute vintage machine and have some great websites I use for reviews and history.

I am also available for advice on fabrics and good places to buy fabrics, and knitting needles and yarns etc.

10% discount if two or more classes are booked at the same time