Thursday, 22 August 2013

Vogue 2902 dress

I spent some time this week making some clothes for me. Really enjoying myself! First I made this vintage inspired Vogue dress. I would not normally wear something this girlie and dressy but I have some weddings to go to soon... However I could not resist blinging it up with some neon ribbon and I think I am going to wear it with some low pink converse after spending hours and hours debating sandals and strappy shoes. I don't do heels or even "shoes" really. Did consider DMs too..!

Anyway sewing. This was SO easy to put together. I graded the pattern to slightly spread out in the waist (I don't have a natural waist LOL) and yet it still looks fitted. No other adjustments needed at all, no FBA, nothing. I ended stitching the band to the dress with fluro pink stitching after realising hand stitching it was gonna take forever. And it looks very cute like that. I made it out of some nasty material from the market (£1/ meter!!!) and it just works so well. Very pleased. Will make it again in some nice cotton, maybe my new bambi fabric from Dekker in Holland...

I also finished and wore my foxy Librarian Blouse from the great Craftsy class I did. I love it. I learned some great stuff in the class too, and the teacher is amazing. I left off the sleeves in the end as they made me look like a rugby player (too may pleats in the sleeve, not the fault of the pattern but the way I set it in and I couldn't be bothered to redo it. Lazy me. Sorry for the rubbish iPhone pics, this week I am not bothering to do anything properly apart from sew and sleep!

Only two days before the troops come home. I had grand plans of also sewing a coat and a pair of shorts. I did almost finish the fabbest pair of culottes, more when they are done. They are silver denim with pink and red accents. Yay. I found this great lady on Craftsy selling really cheap patterns in your own size. This was a kids pattern but it spoke to me and she happily sent me it in my own size. She has literally hundreds of patterns in her shop. The instructions you get with it are basic but I found with some experience I could follow them easily. She is at and also sells on Craftsy.

Here is a pic of all the patterns I thought I might make this week. I also haven't yet painted my stairs, put my clean washing away, gone to the gym but I am off to the Tate shortly to see Caulfield and Hume whom I both adore and off to the pathology museum tomorrow so I am getting my culture in, and then drinkies Friday and dancing Saturday so I have had a full week of fun, sewing and being totally alone and selfish!

Oh and some cat pics too... he really helped (not) my sewing!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sew Cafe

I have decided to start running drop in stitching sessions again. Once a month there will be a day where you can come and use the machines (sewing and overlocker), get some advice, get some me-time to sew, finish a project or just come and hang out and crochet! Tea, cake and me provided. £15 for the day or £5 for an hour. I am on hand for advice and teaching but of course there will be other people here so you will not get full time one to one teaching. Perfect for those of you who have not finished your garments or quilt in the classes you have done with me.

The next date is 15th September and booking is through here: