Thursday, 18 July 2013

Sewing World magazine review

I had not read the Sewing World magazine before about a year ago so I cannot say how it has changed from what it was like before, but I know I like it now! And that isn't just because they like featuring my work, honestly (although do keep an eye out for August's issue which has my first published pattern in it, for a summery quilt!). I just like what they do, where they come from and how they present it.

So many magazine are mostly eye candy, gorgeous to behold but I read them cover to cover in ten minutes and then they just linger in a pile, too expensive and pretty to throw away but too insubstantial to read again. Sewing World is not aimed at the same market at all. Although the magazine is pretty with a clean layout and nice colourful photographs, it has more depth. There are lots of interesting features that you will want to refer back to. For example there are proper book reviews (unlike some mags where it is just an uncritical "yay you have published a book, we love it" pointless list of new books. There are in depth techniques features (this month, how to sew with chiffon, how to use your overlocker, how to grade a pattern to your own size), bits of news, a huge number of funky patterns and how-to's and this month an interesting piece on men that sew.

The magazine's editor is Julie Briggs who seems knowledgeable, friendly, professional and very lovely and she obviously has a keen eye for what us seamstresses want from a monthly magazine. Fiona Pullen who runs the Sewing Directory writes a regular feature, and Fiona too knows what us seamstresses like and she has whole heartedly endorsed the (new) magazine. And for what it's worth I, and even the kitten Theo, totally endorse it too!