Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pennies per hour of pleasure

pennies per hour of pleasure

 I really want to share this great website with you. Pennies per hour of pleasure is a fantastic idea. It has excellent knitting and crochet patterns donated by designers, and merely asks you to donate according to the amount of pleasure you will derive from making and wearing this item. All money raised goes to Medicines sans frontieres which is even better.

Check it out here: pennies per hour of pleasure

Friday, 10 February 2012

Stitch and Bitch in East London!

Stitch and Bitch/ knit and natter/ knit whilst you drink I have been wanting to hang out with the wonderful I Knit London possee for years. But their meetings are often on days I cannot make and usually too far away from me. But every month I longingly read their wooly emails and wished I too could be hanging out knitting with my crew. So finally I contacted I Knit London (formerly Stitch and Bitch) to see if I could start an East London chapter. And hurrah, they are all for it! So to not waste any more time, I have decided to start on that special leapy day Wednesday 29th February at my local The Rose and Crown, Hoe Street, Walthamstow, where all are welcome, knitters, crochet-ers, yarn hookers, cross-stitches, all, whether wanting to learn or being a pro, to knit and stitch and be sociable. I am always happy to teach and hopefully eventually we will have a large enough group to encourage more people to take up hooks. So every fourth Wednesday of the month, from 7pm, we will be there. Please join, pass it on, and come out and stitch with me!!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

great food packaging in my local shop...

Two of these I'm afraid are of the "what were they thinking about" kind of packaging that makes us giggle at Twat chocolate and Fanny face cream, whereas the tins of tomatoes, I actually really liked them as they looked kinda Orla Kiely, kinda Skandi 70s. So what made me giggle on the packaging of the poppadoms was the mad looking rabbit, definitely not in my book an advertisement for anything yummy... and as for brain masala, well, there are days my brain feels like masala but I wouldn't try to sell it!

Anyway I am sure it will all make a lovely curry together and as soon as my back feels good enough to allow me to stand up for long enough to cook one we shall have a lovely (veggie) brainy curry