Friday, 16 January 2015

Sewing my own jeans pt II

This morning I decided I don't need a full fly zip to try on my muslin so I quickly put the back and yoke pieces together, stitched the front and back together and added the waistband. And you know what? Considering I quite haphazardly made up a new waist height which went off the chart, and that I added room in the front waist by following Angela Wolf's suggestion on her blog, it almost fits!! The waistband at the back gapes by 2" and there's a few wrinkles in the front crotch area but that is all fairly minor and easy to fix. They need taking in a bit overall as they need to be tighter considering I'm using a denim with 3% lycra in it but they are very close to being right. No pics as I had to run out of the door to take Max to school but more later.

Have a picture of the cat instead!

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