Thursday, 15 January 2015

Sewing jeans!!

As my gorgeous boyfriend Sean is in Scotland for almost a week I'm selfishly sewing away. When he's home I love spending the evening with him but when he's away I do like playing. Not away but with my fabrics.

I've been enrolled on a few Crafsty jeans classes for absolutely ages now but the time has only just come to crack making jeans. I have such a funnily shaped body, no bum as such, no hips, no waist really and quite a belly, that RTW jeans rarely fit. I tend to buy size 12 UK but they fall down as I have no hips to hold them up. And I cannot pull them up higher than my low waist as that's where I suddenly get big. So custom made is the only way to go.

I've bought three separate jeans patterns. One is the Angela Wolf boot it one, she runs the Craftsy The Perfect Fit jeans class. Its a boot cut pattern and a bit too TOWIE for me with all the embellishment she loves to add. I'm also not fond of bootcut. It's skinny or flares for me! Anyway I thought it would be good to learn with her pattern. Of course I couldn't just let it be so I have already made the pattern higher waisted and the legs narrower. We will see how that goes. I've cut a very short pair of shorts out to see how the bum, crotch and belly fit in, not wasting much denim if I need to make adjustments.

I've also downloaded the Ginger Jeans which comes in low and high waisted & skinny versions. Quite wxcited about trying that. The reviews have been ace.

And lastly I have bought the Jali jeans pattern. Again a boot cut as I seem to remember but as long as the top fits I can adjust the legs easily.

I've stitched the pockets in and am about to do the fly. I need a long night's sleep before I tackle that so speak tomorrow!

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