Sunday, 12 October 2014

And then I was back blogging here...

I think my blogging via my website ( was crashing my site so I'm back here! Have you missed me??

So I have a new studio which is FAB! I'm teaching my third class in there in an hour and a half, still in my PJs now though, trying to solve my website problems. Apparently I've run out of memory?! That sounds about right. Oh CPU memory not inside my head memory? So coffee and sleep and hugs won't fix that? Been fighting with this issues for a month now and it's doing my head in completely. I wasted what could ahev been a nice Saturday evening reading supremely techy websites for advice on fixing mine. Slept badly and woken up with another cold and headache. Yuk.

So here's for some nice pics to cheer me and you up:


  1. wow, I'd love a little room like that!

    1. Isn't it lovely Hannah?! ICould actually live in there it's so nice!

  2. looks delightful a good learning space bright and it

  3. Looks fab! I'm on the hunt for a suitable cabin for my sewing school so it's been such a pleasure to read your blog & Facebook posts. Shame I'm so far away from you otherwise I'd be round yours drooling over your lovely space. ;) Great work my dear & happy sewing!