Sunday, 15 May 2011

Quilting course at The Create Place

I have been experimenting with funky pot holders (can easily be made as coasters or place mats too) and I am loving the result. To learn how to make these yourself join me at The Create Place on either Wednesday 18th or Wednesday 25th May between 6.30 - 9 for a short introduction to quilting.

Lots of other classes are up on my new schedule too, both here at home and at the Create Place.

To book follow this link Cheekyhandmades booking


  1. Hi! I found your blog through your ad in the WFM. I signed up for your newsletter to find out about future classes. I also saw on your website that you can repair sewing machines. Does that go only for mechanical problems or might you be able to help if the foot comtrol is no longer working? Thanks. A x

  2. I can certainly have a look at it for you but if it is electrical I cannot myself fix it. But I won't charge if I cannot fix it. Why don't you email me direct on


  3. You know- I find people that can sew to be amazing! Every time I got behind a sewing machine I felt like I was trying to drive a runaway train!

  4. I have the same admiration for carpenters, I just cannot comprehend how anyone can just build stuff. No matter how hard I try it always falls apart and gets all wonky.